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Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display
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Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display #71694

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Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Original signal, the original power line, the original installation hole. 1:1 mold development, LCD perfect alternative to the old CRT. plug and play.

FANUC A61L-0001-0074 Monitor, signal interface for HONDA MR-20M, 14-inch color CRT monitor display .
Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5
Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5
This is for replace LCD monitor
Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5
Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5
Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5


          Fanuc A61L-0001-0074 display  New VER2.5

FANUC A61L-0001-0074/94 Monitor
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ManufatuerOriginal ModelCRT SizeCNC Equipment
FanucA61L-0001-007414" CRT (C)Fanuc 6, 10, 11 and 12 Series
FanucA61L-0001-009414" CRT (C)Fanuc 15, 15T and 15M Series
ManufatuerOriginal ModelCRT SizeCNC Equipment
Cincinnati Milacron3-424-2073A14" CRT (C)Cincinnati Milacron 850SX
Cincinnati MilacronAcramatic 85014" CRT (C)Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850
HeidenhainBC-110B14" CRT (C)Heidenhain TNC 407, TNC 410, TNC 415, TNC 416, TNC 425, TNC 426, TNC430
HeidenhainBE-412B14" CRT (M)Heidenhain TNC 355
HeidenhainMC 14018U-780B14" CRT (C)Heidenhain Mill Plus
HitachiC14C-252014" CRT (C)Hitachi Mark 100
HitachiTX-1424AD14" CRT (C)Hitachi Secos Series
MatsushitaC-5470NS14" CRT (C)Mitsubishi Mildas and Quickturn Controls
MatsushitaTX-1404FH14" CRT (C)Mazak L32
MatsushitaTX-142414" CRT (C)Fanuc 10 and 11 Series
MatsushitaTX-1424AB14" CRT (C)Fanuc 10 and 11 Series
MatsushitaTX-1424AD14" CRT (C)Hitachi Secos Series
MatsushitaTX-1425FHD14" CRT (C)Fanuc System Series
MatsushitaTX-1450AB14" CRT (C)Fanuc 15 Series
MatsushitaTX-1450AB514" CRT (C)Faunc 15 Series
Mazak26S-14019C14" CRT (C)Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls
Mazak26S-14019L14" CRT (C)Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls
MazakCD1472-DIM14" CRT (C)Mazak / Mitsubishi Quickturn Controls
MitsubishiC-5470NS14" CRT (C)Mitsubishi VMC MPA-H50B J5162
OkumaCDT14149B-1A14" CRT (C)Okuma OSP7000L
Omni VisionE14DC-ZL-REV.114" CRT (C)Mazak
Omni VisionFP12B4G0-ZA14" CRT (C)Fanuc 6, 10, 11 and 12 Series
TotokuCDT14111B14" CRT (C) 
Z-AxisV2140402314" CRT (C) 
Z-AxisV414PW01214" CRT (M) 
Z-AxisV414PW01214" CRT (M) 

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